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Retirees WA have an exceptional property departm ent located in our head office who work hard to provide the great service to residents in running the many villages we have.

The services they provide are:

  • To assist residents with general maintenance and upkeep of their units
  • Maintain the common property areas of each villages such as gardens and driveways
  • Manage the finances with complete transparancy of all the costs of running the village including presenting a budget each year and providing all associated financial documents such as bank statements.
  • Attend meetings through out the year with residents. This includes the annual meeting, the budget meeting and any other meetings as requested.
  • Work with village committees (if the village has one)
  • Liaise with contractors for any common area repairs and maintenance
  • Ensure villages are run in accordance with Government regulations.

The retirement villages laws include:

  • Retirement Villages Act 1992
  • Retirement Villages Regulations 1992 (RV Regulations)
  • Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Code) Regulations 2015 containing the Code of Fair Practice for Retirement Villages 2015 (RV Code).
  • Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Code) Amendment Regulations 2015
  • Work with the residents families should the resident need any assistance
  • Assist in selling the unit lease when the resident vacates
  • Any other enquiries from residents or potential residents


  1. Shane Bradley – Property Services Manager
  2. Ronnie Castle – Property Administration and Sales
  3. Elizabeth Ann Williamson – Property Administration
  4. Clive Woodley – Joseph Banks Estate Village Manager and Property Administration
  5. Anja Hannusch – Property Accounts Administration

To contact any of our Property team please call 9362 0100 or email them directly at:

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