Hearing Australia’s Hearing Bus brings sound advice to the doorstep of three RWA Villages

Wednesday 3rd November was a busy day for Hearing Australia’s Hearing Bus, arriving at Joseph Banks Estate Retirement Village in the morning before rolling out to Mills and Keals Villages in Bentley just in time for afternoon tea. There they were met by Lois Jones, President of the RWA Board and Resident of Keals Village, Property Administrator Rhonda Castle and Megan Brown, Village Manager at Joseph Banks Estate, pictured above with Terry from Hearing Australia.

Hearing Australia is a nationwide government-funded hearing service dedicated to caring for Australians and their hearing for over 70 years. Residents were invited to come along for a free hearing check and some sound advice from the hearing professionals at Hearing Australia, and to have a chat over a cuppa and a piece of cake.

For Joseph Banks Estate this was the second annual visit from the Hearing Bus, because, as the team at Hearing Australia will tell you, hearing tests should be carried out every twelve months. Thanks to the support of the many Residents who attended at Keals and Mills Village RWA hope to make it an annual event at these Villages as well!