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The Social Club is currently being held in abeyance as members feel that the trips that have been organised have either been done before or are too expensive. Previously the social club aim was to provide members with a social outlet to meet other members and enjoy various cultural experiences at discounted prices. Some examples of the types of activities which were planned for you include:

  • Luncheons at places like Miss Mauds and the Burswood.
  • Theatrical and musical productions such as Phantom of the Opera or Cinderella on Ice.
  • Bus Trips to places such as New Norcia, the Avon Valley and to see the Tulips at Abingdon Village.
  • Cruises along the Swan River.

We would really like our members to let us know what they would like for their social club and we welcome any input or ideas you have.

Please call head office on 9362 0100 or email